The Animal Clinic is a full service, mixed animal veterinary facility. Our objective is to strengthen the human-animal bond between our clients and their pets as well as the bottom line of the ranches we service. Established by Dr. Austin Ragle in 1917, the Animal Clinic was one of the first such services in the state of Oregon. As such, our practice has roots that run long and deep with the local ranching industry. We are dedicated to supporting our ranching heritage and maintaining the health of all companion mammals. Our goal is to treat all patients as though they were our own.

Our practice employs three doctors and an excellent, client oriented, educated support staff. Our small community does not have a 24-hour emergency clinic so we provide at least one doctor that can be reached at any time of day or night for basic emergencies. Each doctor has an ambulatory vehicle that is used to respond to area large animal calls. Our practice also features in house diagnostic radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, inhalant anesthesia and monitoring equipment. As general practitioners, we have the ability in complicated cases to send animals to referral institutions such as West Vet and Idaho Equine in the Boise area, and Washington State University in Pullman Washington.

For the last three or four decades, our practice has had a contract with the city and county of Baker to serve as a holding facility for dogs found at large by our law enforcement officials. Most dogs that are picked up in this way are claimed within five days. However, some are not. Our staff goes to great lengths to find homes for these dogs. Please call or stop in if you are either missing a pet or looking to adopt one.

We look forward to serving you and your animals. Please feel free to call or stop in any time.